Here are some projects I've worked on. Most have GitHub repositories. Some have associated blog posts.


A jQuery plugin for making a div with a shadow that moves as you scroll down the page. The effect is similar in idea to the parallax effect. But with shadows.

Exquisite Source

A website for learning how to do pull requests. Basically just a sandbox area for learning collaborative git skillz.

Twitter Fitter

Combine any 2 Twitter feeds with this app! Create surprising and fun phrases! Give this app any two Twitter handles, and it will generate a few new tweets based on the 2 Twitter user's past handles. It's a markov chain. And it's fun. You can even retweet the results from the Twitter Fitter account.

Mini Goodreads (WIP)

A Goodreads clone in Rails. Currently working on this.

CSV Geocoder

A little tool written in Ruby that will put Geocode data into any CSV file based on the address column. Created as part of the CodeAcross Atlanta Hack event.

Poetic Forms Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet for writing poetry in form!

Community Insights

A dashboard created with a team of other designers, engineers, and creators for the Atlanta Regional Commission during GoodieHack 2015.