Week 3 Round Up: Twitter Fitter—the tweet generator!

So there's still a lot more work I want to do on my week 3 app Twitter Fitter. But the general idea is there--it's a Markov generator. You type in a twitter handle, and it spits back a generated tweet (or tweet-like string) that is in the style of that user. (Try @DATABASE_HULK, @StephenAtHome, @BarackObama, or @kimkardashian) Part of the app/week project is that I want to learn something new each time. So what did I learn this week?


Well, this was my first app where I had to connect to another service (in this case it was the Twitter API through the Twitter gem) and also the first app where I wrote my own POROs (plain old Ruby objects) inside of Rails. In fact, this was barely a Rails app. It doesn't even have a model. It's mostly just a single page that connects to Twitter and then runs the MarkovChain object that I wrote for it. I also obviously learned a lot about Markov generators and how they work. (I knew about them generally but never thought about how to write one before)


I was able to write tests for my MarkovChain object. I'm pretty proud of this. But I haven't written tests for the actual controller code yet (which is currently very messy).

To do:

As always there are still many things I want to do to improve it:


Next week(s):

I've mentioned taking the incredibly helpful edX.org SaaS class (Software as a Service) before. Well, part 2 of the class has just started, so instead of continuing with my own apps, I will be doing the SaaS homework apps every week for the next few weeks. It's only a few weeks, and there's not a homework for every week, so it won't be taking over this project completely, but its presence will definitely be felt. I will still be blogging about my discoveries, though! Hope you'll keep reading.