Install Fest!!!

I'm in the middle of a super long post about Rails models. It is quite involved and is taking a long time to write. So in the meantime, I present you with this relatively shorter blog post composed of mostly links.

I recently got a new MacBook Pro! So I spent a day installing and setting up my system for the perfect workflow. I experimented with different set ups, and ended up installing and un-installing several things. Also sometimes I'd install something, and realize I had to install something else first, etc. So here I will try to just show you how I would do it if I had to do it again, without all the mistakes.

The Terminal and the Shell


tmux it up!

Git, GitHub, etc.

Set up localhost

Edit Them Texts!

Set up Rails

PHP, if you absolutely must

Jekyll or this blog didn't happen!

Other Super Useful Tools!

Phew! Did I miss anything? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know!